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REFORESTA is a society of scientists, researchers and professionals involved in various aspects of reforestation and afforestation.

The mission of the REFORESTA is to provide support to members through different levels of cooperation in a specific area planting forests.

The main objectives of REFORESTA are to share information and knowledge among Society members and to encourage literature, practice and product development research.
Information’s are shared through:
- Conference calls
- Roundtable discussions
- Newsletters
- Letters (personal correspondence)
- Sketches, photos and slides
- Society Listserve

Encouragement of research is through:
- Identify current and proposed research topics
- Identify projects worthy of support
- Identify existing or potential principal investigators and associates
- Create research guidelines
- Awarding the best results in previous year

Reforestation -
Reforestation is re-establishment of forests, by natural regeneration or artificially - by planting of seedlings or direct seeding.
(Contribution: Ivetić V, 2018-07-10)

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